Do you use real fur?

-Absolutely not, all of our fur coverings are 100% environmentally friendly and vegan. 

Is the Pawpad 1.0 washable?

-Yes! To wash your Pawpad 1.0, simply remove the fur cover from the bed and wash it on a cold and gentle wash cycle.

Which size fits my dog best?

-We recommend our "Regular" size for small to medium dogs and our "Large" size for big pups and senior dogs.

How fast is delivery?

-Speedy! Orders are usually processed and out for delivery within 24 hours.

Why zzPaws?

-We make all of our beds with both the dog and owner in mind. Every bed is made with human-grade memory foam to give your dog the absolute best nights sleep. Unlike conventional dog beds, our modern design is made to blend in seamlessly with your home. It's no wonder zzPaws is vet recommended!